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Our history

Handcrafted candles and waxes since 1855


Cereria Ronca started his production in 1855 and began a pioneering activity in the production of candles and waxes, with a wonderful laboratory in Via Tommaso Gar in Trento.


Craftsmanship and Made in Italy

Cereria Ronca is a flagship of the finest and most traditional Italian handmade production. The Made in Italy brand is not only a guarantee of beauty, quality and research for our customers but it is a real lifestyle… and work.

We have selected our employees with great care, we have trained them and we guarantee them a continuous frequent updating. Also for the raw materials the selection is careful, we work only high quality materials in order to obtain an exceptional final product.

All the production of our laboratory respects the European regulations on the health of the person and the environment.



Throughout the production process of our candles, from the choice of materials to marketing, considerable attention is paid to respecting the environment and human health. In the laboratory, only refined paraffins (without benzene content) and unleaded wicks are used, as reported by the European regulations for the sector.

Since 2008, Cereria Ronca has been using a solar photovoltaic system that allows it to self-produce all electricity. necessary for your work. The 100 kw plant, installed above the production building, generates electricity in an environmentally friendly way and avoids CO2 emissions into the atmosphere for about 75 tons per year.



Come to visit our showroom: you will find inspiration and lots of gift ideas.

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We are waiting for you in our shop a few steps from Trento Cathedral, in via S. Pietro 66, open from Monday to Saturday.

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